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Legal & Privacy

When browsing, registering in our direct mail program, sending or creating a curriculum, requiring service or shipping budget, you provide Trac-Vel® with some personal data aiming to facilitate your operation. Trac-Vel® values the safety and respect for your data. We give to this page the aim of explaining how we deal with your personal data and the measures we aplly to keep them safe.


We are Trac-Vel® Tractors and Vehicles, registered with the CNPJ number (National Registry of Legal Entities): 60.297.603/0001-29, located in the town of Pederneiras, in the state of São Paulo, at 150 - Dr. Raul David Pímentel,Avenue - Núcleo Michel Neme. According to the Brazilian General Data Protection Law LGPD (Federal Law nº 13.709.2018), we will be most of the time, controllers of your personal information. Therefore, responsible for defining what happens to data and so, protecting them.

What do we do?

Trac-Vel® Parts and Equipments is a company specialized in the trade of Heavy Machinery and Semi-new parts. Today, we work with several kinds of parts for heavy machinery, for many kinds of machine. We also work with flatbed trucks and munk trucks rental, which can be seen on the next page: Caminhão Prancha e Caminhão Munck.

Media, pictures and videos made by Trac-Vel®.

Trac-Vel® does not authorize copies, reproduction or the use of any items, not even being partially, totally or any other. The unauthorized use implies in violation of the company's rights, making it necessary to take law actions.

Medias used for the construction of the site.

The medias used for the construction of the site, except for the photographed, filmed, edited or created by Trac-Vel®, are ROYALTY FREE.

We would like to give credits for the contents used.

  • The video used on home page is hosted on the site: Pixabay.
    Autor: Life-Of-Vids. Your page can be found on link.
  • The image used on home page is hosted on the site: Pixabay.
    Autor: Mikele Designer. Your page can be found on link.
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Third parties sites.

Today, Trac-Vel uses the site in storage from the company Mercado Máquinas to redirect a client to a more detailed view of its stock.

Data collected by Trac-Vel®.

During the submission of the curriculum:

  • Name;
  • Surname;
  • Cell phone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • PDF file of the curriculum;

During the creation of the curriculum:

  • Full name;
  • Birth date;
  • Cell phone number;
  • E-mail address;
  • CPF (social security number);
  • state where you live in;
  • City where you live in;
  • Intended position;
  • Salary expectation;
  • Schooling;
  • Profissional experience;
  • If working at the moment;

During the hiring period of the flatbed truck service:

  • Wheight of transported load;
  • Mileage travelled;
  • Load height;
  • Load Width;
  • Load length;
  • Full name;
  • Cell phone number;
  • E-mail address;

During the hiring period of the munk truck service:

  • Wheight of transported load;
  • Mileage travelled;
  • Rental period of the equipment;
  • Load height;
  • Load Width;
  • Load length;
  • Full name;
  • Cell phone number;
  • E-mail address;

Registration of Telegram direct mail:

  • ChatID;
  • Full name;

Direct mail.

We use Telegram app for the content supply.
When registering you confirm you agree with the terms here described.

About construction pages and sending of curriculum.

The provided data are for hiring purpose and they will be exclusively in possession of Trac-Vel®.
The company will not share those data. They are only for HR puposes.

When submitting any of the forms, you agree with the terms here described.

Cookies and monitoring technologies.

We may use certain monitoring technologies to collect information about performed activities on our site in an automated way. Information collected by such technologies are used to realize performance metrics, identify problems in using, capture the users behavior in general and collect impression content data.
We have listed below some of the technologies that may be on our site.


It is a small file added to the user's device to provide a personalized experience of access to the plataform. Cookies help to analyse internet traffic, and help us in knowing which pages of our site, or specific articles the user has sought.
A cookie does not give access to a computer or reveal further information beyond data the user chooses to share with us..

Analytics tools

Trac-Vel® uses the Analytics service including, but not limiting to Google Analytics so that the experience on the site can be better. This service can use Cookies to collect users' information, such as times the user has accessed the site, information and services contained on it.

How we use your personal data.

We use personal data to garantee a good service and a better performance while browsing.
Below, are the purposes where we may use your personal data.

Register data:

  • To enable different services available on our site, direct mail (Telegram app), sending of curriculum and shipping cost.
  • To identify correctly the candidate of a vacancy.
  • To provide a more precise value for shipping.
  • To send purchased products or communication from digital direct mail.
  • To contact you when necessary. This contact can contemplate several issues, such as communication about sales and discounts, answers and doubts, complaint answers and requests.

Browsing data:

  • For better performance, speed and browsing.
  • To develop new functions and improvements.
  • We use cookies for user's language storage increasing the loading speed of pages.

Who Trac-Vel® shares collected data with

Trac-Vel® does not share data with third parties or others. It is for exclusive indoor use of Trac-Vel® only.

Storage and security of personal data.

We store your data securely in servers located in Brazil and abroad. In case of storage abroad, all legal and applicable measures are taken according to General Data Protection Law and its future regulations, garanteeing protection and privacy to your personal data.
We adopt the best practices to protect the personal data collect from non-authorized access, destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any kind of inappropriate or illicit treatment including encryption mechanisms.
Yet, we reinforce that no platform is completely safe. In case of worries or suspicion about our data being under risk please, contact us at: +55 (14) 3283-8888, or mail us:

Your rights.

Our priority is the clarity on how your data are treated! As holder of your personal data you can also exercise your rights as provided in Law (GDPL), such as:

  • Access to your data, confirming its existence.
  • Revoke your consent, asking for the exclusion of your data.
  • Correction of incomplete or outdated data..
  • Require the exclusion of your data when understanding that any point, as small as it may be, hasn't been fulfilled.
  • All requests will be treated with no charge. However, they will be submitted to a previous evaluation of its identity and viability of service, so that we can accomplish eventual obligations which can stop the complete service of the requests from the right holders.

Cantact us

In case you still have doubts after reading, or want to interact with us about personal data issues, you can do it :
Through our service channel +55 (14) 3283-8888. Or through our manager's e-mail:
We always recommend that you go through the updated version of this Privacy Policies whenever you visit our site.
Trac-Vel® is always at your disposal to clarify any doubts and put you in control of your personal data.